La Patte Kitoune props you dares to personalize, unique and handmade accessories for your little ones.

The name "La Patte Kitoune" comes from my love for my dog ​​Hime (Akita Inu). This breed is affectionately called "Kitou".

I created this brand because I wanted each of us to be able to find accessories specific to our faithful companion.

Each creation is handmade - paracord and tailor-made. The weaving and colors are totally made according to your desires.

Paracord is a very strong, durable and comfortable material for your companions whether they are short-haired, long or thick.

As a reminder, when ordering, don't forget :

- specify colors desired in the field provided for this purpose or specify if you want the same as in the photo

- to indicate the neck size in cm of your loulou

Finally, allow a delay of receipt of 21 working days from the receipt of your payment.


When you measure the neck circumference, do it without tightening too much so that you can pass 2 fingers between the tape measure and the neck

Once done, you just have to find your happiness and please your loulou :)