To take the measurements, take a seamstress tape and make sure your loulou / louloute is calm. Then, follow the steps below with the help of the diagram and explanations

1 ------------------------------- ------

- Measure at the lowest point of the base of their neck (just before the start of the vertebrae) and go to the start of the sternum (you will feel like a hollow) -

2 -------------------------------------- < / p>

- Measure from the sternum, and lower the meter to the back of the front legs (as if you are holding it vertically on the ground but along the body of the loulou / louloute

3 -------------------------------------- < / p>

- Measure around the chest starting from 4-5 from the back of the front legs and go around to get the measurement of it

4 -------------------------------------- < / p>

- Measure from the beginning of the vertebrae to the meeting point of the chest measurement