"NATURAL" - Le collier anti-parasites 100 % NATUREL!

The "NATURAL" necklace is braided with paracord and in its braiding are included EM pearls. We opted for a snap hook closure so that we can hang Loulou's medal on it.
The letters EM mean Effective Microorganisms in English and correspond in French to Effective microorganisms. Microorganisms are very small living beings such as bacteria, fungi, etc. which are of great help in vital processes (for example, they allow many substances to be transformed into nutrients for plants).


EM ceramic beads are fired at a very high temperature and protected from air in order to preserve the microorganisms they contain. They have a tubular shape which will allow the emission of vibrations perceptible to the parasites and will thus prevent the parasites from clinging to Loulou. In order to optimize the effectiveness of the EM pearls, we recommend that you rinse the necklace (the pearls more precisely) every 2-3 weeks with clean water without soap and allow it to air dry. 

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